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Hier können Sie mehr darüber lesen​investieren-und-risiko/. Wir empfehlen auch immer das Portoflio zu diversifizeren. Wenn. At Mintos, we connect investors from all over the world with loans originated by a variety of international and Mintos-authenticated alternative lending companies. Mintos macht Investitionen in P2P-Kredite leicht. Investieren Sie in Ihre finanzielle Zukunft und verdienen Sie mit unseren attraktiven Zinssätzen ein passives.


Martins Sulte, Mintos Co-founder and CEO will share more about the Mintos experience and how we're adjusting while “Navigating the Challenging Times for​. Hier können Sie mehr darüber lesen​investieren-und-risiko/. Wir empfehlen auch immer das Portoflio zu diversifizeren. Wenn. Mintos macht Investitionen in P2P-Kredite leicht. Investieren Sie in Ihre finanzielle Zukunft und verdienen Sie mit unseren attraktiven Zinssätzen ein passives.

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Mintos : Arnaque ou opportunité ? (Avis et Test)

Wait until the loan is paid back. This allows lenders to set up an auto invest portfolio buying loan notes Mintos.Com sale on the secondary market with a discount sweeping up cheaper debt from lenders going into other loans or trying to exit cashing Wkv Erfahrung. Loans issued by originators with indirect investment structure leaves you a claim against the bankrupted loan originator, that then have a claim against the borrower. What Happens if a Loan Originator goes Bankrupt? I've used Mintos for 18 months now.

Muchas gracias. Luego, si hay retrasos con el pago es posible que la rentabilidad no sea la estimada en un primer momento.

Tengo un mes de cliente en Mintos un 2. Hacen que dude de la plataforma he sido directivo del principal banco de EE.

UU entiendo el riesgo de estas inversiones pero su analisis profesional del scoring de riesgo es preocupante. Sin contar la falta absoluta de respuesta mi disconformidad la hare publica lamento sinceramente la falta de respuesta.

Como referencia, he utilizado un filtro contrastado similar al vuestro y ha resultado en unas 20 entidades. Si es por un tema de anonimato, porque se esconden?

Es posible que sean clientes que la banca no quiera financiar por su perfil de riesgo de impago? Siguiendo los pasos, he empezado a invertir en Mintos personalizando la estrategia.

Gran aporte. Tu pregunta es muy acertada. Efectivamente, es el concepto. Iba a poner …….. Esta web usa cookies para mejorar tu experiencia.

Algunos de los premios de Mintos. Una de las mayores plataformas de crowdlending en Europa. Opiniones de Mintos. Empezar a invertir con Mintos.

First, what you need to do is to open a free account on their website. This usually takes less than 5 minutes, including a step where they will ask you to verify your identity.

The next step is then to deposit money on your account to start investing. This is also really easy to do, as they provide different bank accounts that you can use to make them a transfer, depending on which currency you want to use.

As for all platforms I review, I tried to withdraw money from the platform as well. This went without any issues, and I had the money in my bank account in one day.

At the start, as I always recommend, I was investing manually in loans to see what were the different parameters. However, I recommend to quickly start using the auto-invest function, as it will allow you to completely automate your investments on the platform and have a truly passive investment.

Here were my general settings for the portfolio:. It's not shown here, but I invest in loans from all countries, in the EUR currency, and of course only in loans that come with a buyback guarantee.

I also invest the smallest amount possible in each loan 10 Euros. This is great if you fear that your money will be stuck for long periods of time when investing in Peer-to-Peer lending.

They also advertise an average return of Il suffit de vous inscrire sur la plateforme gratuitement en seulement 5 minutes.

Investir avec Mintos. Votre note pour cette entreprise. Modifier votre note. Visiter leur site officiel et en savoir plus Mintos.

Essayez de nouveau. Entrez votre identifiant ou email. Ceci afin d'identifier le contenu que vous trouvez le plus utile.

How We Use Your Information. This 0. The Secondary Market thus offers considerably liquidity to those investors who want to exit an investment early and is a very important component in this platform.

If Mintos did not have such a good secondary market, I would not have invested such a big amount of money here. You can withdraw money and deposit it without any delays when using this platform, and there are no costs for doing so.

I know a lot of you have reached out to me to ask how they can avoid fees that are charged to them by their banks when withdrawing or depositing money from P2P platforms, and I can offer you a good piece of advice on that front.

I have several digital bank accounts set up that help me avoid any fees and also enable me to do currency exchanges at the best rates. I can recommend all three of them.

They all give you a free debit card as well so you can use it for shopping or when traveling. They work just like your local bank account but will likely have a better user interface, the comfort of online support and no ridiculous fees.

You can check out my post about depositing and withdrawing money from peer to peer lending platforms for more information about the topic.

A little-publicized aspect of Mintos is the investor club. This is a program that Mintos has created for its most valuable investors. Think of it as VIP treatment for investors.

We created this program to offer greater benefits to the most valuable and influential investors. Here are all the perks for being in the investor club.

I had, in fact, asked my service associate to send me a weekly report showing the performance of my investments, a request which was duly and rapidly attended to.

I find receiving an email report more productive for my workflow than having to login to the platform regularly.

I like to keep my investments as hands-off as possible. When you set up an auto-invest strategy, you will notice that all loan originators have been assigned a Mintos Rating.

In addition, the financial standing of the loan originator is a material factor when the buyback guarantee is provided to investors.

Counterparty risk is capturing operational and default risk of the company acting as a loan originator, servicer of loans and obligor of the buyback guarantee to investors.

The materialization of those risks would cause a disruption in loan servicing and the buyback fulfillment which are the core risks related to loan originators on Mintos.

Additionally, a support factor is incorporated for loan originators who receive guarantees from the group or a related company.

The Mintos Rating is based on information obtained during the initial due diligence process and data from ongoing monitoring.

This includes the primary information from loan originators such as management interviews, site visits, audited and interim financial statements, corporate presentation, credit policy and risk control documents.

This could be due to a cash injection, positive or negative regulation being implemented in the country of the loan originator and so on.

I would recommend doing your own research in loan originators if you are investing big sums of money, else you can definitely use the Mintos loan originator ratings as your guide for smaller amounts.

As we have already mentioned, P2P lending is a moderate risk investment, and you must be aware that loans can default. With Mintos, you get a buyback guarantee as we discussed earlier.

Thus the biggest potential downside of investing with Mintos is that a loan originator goes bankrupt, as I described with the Eurocent case above.

The only way to mitigate this risk is to keep an eye on the profitability of the loan originator. Most of them release their financial reports to the public every year, so you can see how they are doing.

This is not as easy as it sounds, however. Unaudited financial statements are not as trustworthy when compared to audited ones. During a world recession, credit companies are some of the hardest hit as borrowers default on their loans due to having lost their jobs or having experienced severe pay cuts.

One other risk is that interest rates rise in the future, making it harder for you to sell your existing loans with lower interest returns on the secondary market, if you wished to do that.

Of course, you could also just let the loans run their course and continue receiving payments until maturity. That way, you minimise the chances of having to sell loans prematurely, potentially at a time that is not advantageous.

As of Mintos is extremely liquid meaning that you can throw thousands of Euros at the platform and see them invested within minutes, and conversely, you can also sell your loans on the secondary market within a day or two.

Although it is not currently a problem, it could become so at any point in time, even though it might only be for a short time. If there is a surge in popularity for P2P lending platforms, we will have a situation where lots of lenders are competing to lend while there are not enough borrowers, which will result in a higher cash drag, because you have to wait your turn.

Cash drag is not usually anything like that much. Moreover, Mintos is currently the biggest platform in Europe and has proved itself to be competent by providing great communication with its investors as well as a very liquid primary and secondary market for loans for several years now.

This means that when you convert back to Euro, you might lose money depending on how the rates have moved in the meantime. This could, however, also be an opportunity to make extra returns.

I like to keep things simple myself so I only invest in Euro. I also use Mintos to minimise the cost of currency conversions.

In your dashboard, you will sometimes see some money that is marked as pending payment. This means that Mintos is gathering the money and preparing it for distribution.

The interest on pending payments is 1. The interest will be calculated for both the principal and interest and the calculation will begin after the settlement period 7 days has ended.

You will, therefore, have to declare the income in your country of residence, as explained in further detail in my post about P2P lending platform taxation.

Do you recommend just investing in Mintos or do you recommend spreading your money across different platforms? Mintos is my preferred platform and its where I invest most of my P2P portfolio, but I would always recommend spreading your capital across different platforms.

You can have a look at my returns on different P2P platforms in and my post about the top P2P platforms in Europe for Every platform has its own average return and that also depends on the amount of risk that you are assuming with the loans on that particular platform.

You can read about my returns on different P2P platforms here. Anything less than that is not worth the time and hassle in my opinion.

For now, you could have a look at my article on the best P2P crypto loan platforms. I am a bit worried about having a significant number of loans that are late.

Is it normal? How long would it take for me to sell all my loan portfolio should I need quick liquidity? In the end, you might have to give up an equivalent of a week or two of interest income to sell your loan portfolio, which I think is a good tradeoff.

Mintos calculates the positive gain on a loan-level for investments on the Secondary market. For example, if an investor invested into a loan this year and it will be fully repaid only the next year then in the capital gain of this year the gain will not be calculated as the income from the loan is lower than the invested amount.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to calculate as Mintos looks at all the previous years as well. Here is an example: In an investor invested 90 EUR in a loan and in that year he received EUR from the borrower and the loan finished.

Then for , the capital gain will be 10 EUR. If however in an investor invested 90 EUR into a loan and only half of the principal was repaid, then for the capital gain will be 0 EUR.

If the loan will be repaid in full in and the total funds received will be EUR, then the capital gain for will be 10 EUR etc.

The growth of this platform and consolidation of its place as the biggest European P2P lending platform is there for all to see.

During , revenue increased more than four-fold to over EUR 2. According to the published financial statements, was another profitable year for Mintos, although the profits were lower due to aggressive expansion which meant having higher expenses.

This means a lot to me as an investor. They are basically pre-configured auto-invest systems, with the added bonus of having immediate liquidity through the secondary market if you need the funds invested for other purposes.

According to Mintos CEO Martins Suite, the plans for the immediate future also include the launching of a debit card that will take Mintos beyond being just a lending platform.

Banks and Fintechs are currently engaged in full-on competition, but Fintechs have the edge when it comes to technology, so it makes sense for platforms like Mintos to encroach on traditionally banking domains like debit cards and challenge them in this way.

The inclusion of a debit card within the Mintos platform also means that investors will now have a very easy way of spending the profits from their investments.

Instead of having to request a withdrawal and wait a few days for the money to get to their account minus potential fees , investors will now be able to pay directly with their Mintos debit card.

Yet another advantage that makes things easier for us investors. The Mintos mobile app, another new addition in , provides a significant differentiator for Mintos when compared to other competitors in the space.

My background is in creating software so I know a well-made product when I see one. There are no such mishaps with the Mintos app.

It has a light and dark mode white or black background and it shows you all the most important stats about your investments. You can also withdraw or deposit money directly from the app, and soon you will also be able to operate in the primary and secondary market.

With that last feature in place, you will most likely never need to login to the website again. These are all stats that are also available on the site, but they are not as easily and readily available.

I Mintos.Com Mintos is proving to be an excellent way for non-European investors to gain access and exposure to the European market and earn Euros, which is also a way for them to hedge against currency risks. Due to having invested a substantial amount in Mintos, I get to have my own personal contact on the platform, so whenever I have any queries Permanenzen Bad Zwischenahn can bypass the general support system and go to my contact directly. My Average Yield. This means a lot to me as an investor. You might think that investing is something exclusive that only very knowledgeable people can partake in, but this is not Mintos.Com. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Bubble Shooter Christmas Mintos mobile app, another Mühle Gratis addition inprovides a significant differentiator for Mintos when compared Www.Spiele.De Mahjong other competitors in the Wildgames. This has so far happened once, with Eurocent, a Polish loan originator, going bankrupt. I also use Mintos to minimise the cost of currency conversions. This could be due to Bvb Schalke Statistik cash injection, positive or negative regulation being implemented in the country of the loan originator and so on. For now, you could have Das Rote Strümpfchen look at my article on the best P2P crypto loan platforms. Yet another advantage that makes Mintos.Com easier for us investors. Once you have reviewed and confirmed your investment, you cannot cancel the investment. However, you can use the secondary market to sell the investment to other investors. Mintos loses investors' money. I have been happy with Mintos services for some time now, but the changes made in the last several months have shown they have zero regards for the investor's money. Mogo Kenya issued loans are offered as car loans on Mintos marketplace. The lending company is evaluated to have a Mintos Risk Score of 7, with the subscores of 8 (Loan portfolio performance), 5 (Loan servicer efficiency), 6 (Buyback strength) and 5 (Cooperation structure). The Minto Group is a fully integrated real estate company offering new homes and condos, apartment rentals, furnished suites, commercial space, property and investment management. Mintos makes P2P investing easy. Invest in your financial future and start earning passive income from our attractive interest rates.

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Erweiterungen wurden bereits zuvor eingeführt, diese wurden jedoch während der Pandemie zunehmend genutzt, da die Länder gesetzlich die Kreditferien für ihre Bürger verlängerten und die Kreditgeber sie verwendeten, Rtlspiele Bubble Boo ihre Kreditbilanz besser gegen dieses chaotische Schnauz Spiel abzuwägen. Die Rückzahlungen sind gut und im versprochenen Rahmen je Online Brettspiele Risiko. Unofficial Mintos. Reset filters. 10/8/ · What is Mintos? Mintos is a Peer-to-Peer platform based in Latvia and is currently the largest Peer-to-Peer lending platform in Europe, with nearly 3 billion Euros worth of loans funded since the creation of the currently have over investors, coming from all over the world. They also reached profitability back in , which is a very good sign for a Peer-to-Peer lending. Enviar una solicitud Iniciar sesión. Empezar Seguridad Verificación Añadir fondos. Mintos. Polski Čeština Deutsch English (US) Español Latviešu Nederlands Русский Čeština Deutsch English (US) Español Latviešu Nederlands. Mintos macht Investitionen in P2P-Kredite leicht. Investieren Sie in Ihre finanzielle Zukunft und verdienen Sie mit unseren attraktiven Zinssätzen ein passives. Mintos ist ein Peer-to-Peer-Marktplatz für Kredite. Er verbindet Kleinanleger mit Kreditnehmern vieler Kreditgeber. Investieren Sie in Kredite und verdienen Sie. Effective immediately, loans of both lending companies are suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets on Mintos. Following the. Hier können Sie mehr darüber lesen​investieren-und-risiko/. Wir empfehlen auch immer das Portoflio zu diversifizeren. Wenn.


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